Monday, April 1, 2013


This is not going to be my normal humor type of post. It is much different. Today I had two little kids over to play with my daughter. They are eight and nine years old. I do not know their story and probably never will. What I do know is that they currently live with there aunt.

The kids went back and forth today between the aunts and my house. One time when the kids were leaving to go check in with there aunt. I accidentally referred to her as their mother. The little girl kindly but with understandable frustration reminded me. She is my aunt not my mom. I apologized but also told her. You know when I was a foster kid and people would refer to my foster mother as my mom it would drive me crazy. I am sorry I did that and will try harder. The look of shock, she said you were a “foster kid?” I will not retell the whole story but I will say I am glad I not only apologized but told her why I understood her frustration. I think sometimes knowing someone else has been in similar shoes can make things seem a little different. Maybe that’s why I read and post on forums and my blog now. Maybe that why I write the silly articles I do. I always imagine there is someone else going through what I have been through .Or maybe someone knows something that might help me with what lies in my path.

I watched those kids today as they were playing at my house and was in awe. The way the two of them watched out for each other and jumped to help each other. The little girl was trying on my daughters skates and her little brother jumped up to hold her hand and help her try. She did the same for him when it was his turn. There were many little moments like this as the day passed. Little moments where without being asked or told to they jumped to assist each other. Whatever adversities lie in there past, they have forged a bond most siblings and a lot of people will never know. Those little kids seem to have used the adversities they have faced as fertilizer for their relationship.

The military comes with its own set of adversities. I have seen marriages crumble. I have seen marriages thrive and become something amazingly strong. There are many obstacles that can come from this life. I don’t think I have all the answers, I don‘t think anyone ever will. But, I plan to try to use the adversities I face, too make my marriage and relationship stronger.

I hope those of you who read this also use the adversities of life, as your relationship fertilizer and watch your marriage and family grow.

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