Saturday, April 6, 2013

Please send Tissues! :)


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Mr. Murphy strikes again!
      The Mother figure in this house hold is currently under a full blow attack. Please do not panic but do send your sympathies and lots of soup. Oh, and tissues! She is currently fighting a vicious enemy known as the common cold. She in all her glory tried to pretend it was just allergies. She was happily living in "Denial City" but quickly got undeniable orders to PCS to "Reality." We tried to contact her to get a statement but all we could make out from our contact with her was: ACHOO and sniffle sniffle! We will broadcast updates as this story develops. 

Spring Break Sucks!
     Our very own Diva in training has been perfecting the art of the "its not fair" this week! She unfortunately was one of the few kids on our block that did not leave town for spring break. What is a 7 year old to do with out all her friends. I mean the new roller blades, the x-box, the kindle, all her toys, she is so so deprived. As you can see, there is not a thing to do! She also requests your sympathy and tissues but will pass on the soup. :)

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Baby G, {Aka the little General!}
     Has made remarkable improvement in showing his opinions. I have yet to see him pull out the knife hand but I have no doubt he is just waiting for the right moment to bust out his moves. He has mastered climbing on furniture and other obstacles that might lie in his path of potential mess making. I.e. the couch, the stool, the chairs, oh and his most recent accomplishment is the toilet. You can reach the bathroom counter from there. He has also mastered the snack drawer. He knows where it is located how to open it and even managed to reach in enough to pull out the fruit snacks. There is no slowing this boy down. If you are ever watching him and stop hearing the pitter patter of little feet. Run to check on him it means he has found something cool to climb on or or get into!

Meanwhile In Asia!
      Our most recent reports indicated they are still in constant battle with the cold. Below freezing temperatures are still a frequent and fierce nemesis. The sun from time to time does come out to give these men and women a false sense of hope that the seasons will eventually change. Then mother nature does a little dace and says "ha ha, you wish!" These men and women are still riding the work flow roller coaster. There are days that stopping to breath is unacceptable and out of the question. Then there are days that they day dream of work just to have something to do! We requested comment on the men and womens current status: It was reported in an "almost" whinny tone that they are out of junk food. The stock pile that he had originally given Crystal a teasingly hard time over has been eliminated. Emergency provisions of  gold fish crackers, beef Jerky and other snacks are now in rout.

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On a more serious side note:
I want to send out a thank you to Pepper press for agreeing to send some books out to the Troops! My husband sent them an e-mail request and they did not hesitate to agree! This company deserves your business, so the next time you are looking for a good read for you or your spouse check them out!
There web site is

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