Saturday, April 27, 2013

The roller coaster of life & Simple moments

Life has its ups and downs. times you scream and shout out of joy and the times you do it out of terror or any other number of emotions. I am just full of metaphors and analogies  today. This morning I used the treadmill and hamster wheel, to describe the rhythms and negativity  we sometimes get stuck in. I really need to stay away from mechanical objects that go in circles. Good thing I have not been to an amusement park lately or I am sure I would have used a “Merry Go Round” analogy.

Truth sometimes life is hard, and stressful. But, there are days when you are walking in the clouds. I have a tendency to use humor to uplift myself but also as a shield from my true frustrations or feelings. I put up the humors yet serious post about the treadmill today. Someone took the time to write an honest and uplifting message back. It reminded me of the need to step back sometimes, and enjoy the simple things. I did pretty well at that when my husband first left but I lost that rhythm along the way. I needed that reminder about simple moments. It was a great way to metaphorically step off the treadmill. I started with a cup of coffee and a decision to make today a good day and pay attention and make the "simple" moments!

Today's Simple moments:

Watching my daughter roller blade!

And be silly!

Taking both kids to the beach!

First steps in the ocean!

Watching my daughter protect and love her little brother!

Taking a moment to just enjoy the sunshine!

The last thing I am doing today is enjoying a small alcoholic beverage and re-reading some of the letters from my wonderful husband. Reminding myself  love really does not recognize distance!

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