Monday, April 22, 2013

Kids Say The "Dandiest" Things!

My daughter this morning, trying very gently to wake her up.

“Mom why do Mondays always start sooooo early!”

I started laughing, she probably thought I had completely lost it. But, I couldn’t help it. I felt the same way. My laughing was interrupted by the beep of the coffee maker to saying my cup of morning salvation was ready. I felt bad for the kid, Mondays are never fun. Not bad enough to

 share my coffee but bad enough to give her a genuine hug of sympathy before running to grab a cup. The funny thing was I did not know exactly how to answer her. Mondays don’t really start earlier then the rest of the week but there are not many that would disagree with her statement that they come way to quickly.  But, at  6am on Monday, I am not about to get into a full blow explanation about perception to a 7 year old. Especially not before my coffee. I will at some point revisit this “question” and give her a real answer vs. a hug. Although, I think I might start by explaining: You should not try to ask mommy serious questions until she has had a cup of coffee. For best results feed me two!

This past weekend I overheard my daughter and her friend out side talking. They were discussing different service members uniforms based on color. This person I know wears blue this person wears brown, I think that one means Marine and that one is…. I stopped listening for a moment and contemplated the fact that. Shouldn’t these kids be talking Skylanders, Hello Kitty or baby dolls or something. I tuned back into the conversation, I think this uniform looks better then that one. I smile, my little Diva is still in there. A minute later I hear my little girl profess. “well my daddy is (insert rank)”

I quickly became very interested in this conversation. First off I didn’t even realize she knew what Rank her daddy was. Secondly, I did not want her “wearing” her fathers rank. As I continued to listen, I quickly figured out. She had no clue what his rank means. He could be a “boot” and she would not know the difference. To her he is superman, he is king and president all rolled into one. I will have to sit down with her soon and explain that he is in fact not president but I think I’ll leave the superman thing alone. I mean honestly him being superman is a lot more believable the Santa Clause or the Easter bunny. I personally see him as more of a MacGyver, GI Joe, One of the guys from the movie A few good Men and maybe a little ….. Well, I guess we are all allowed a little room for personal perception. :)

Last but not least, getting her ready for bed tonight. She looks at me and says mom, Its been a busy weekend. Dance photo’s and playing with friends and going to the movies.

Mom, I need a day off!

Ha ha, ok kido. I’ll get right on scheduling you a day off! Its so hard being a kid these days! :)

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