Saturday, April 20, 2013

Military acronyms and slang style "report!" :)

 Its been an extraordinarily busy couple of weeks with many highs and a few to many lows. Here is my fun with Military acronyms and slang style report!

There is scuttlebutt that the "duty NCO" Crystal Barnes was not diligent in her perimeter checks and is facing a page 11. Her misconduct caused "CQC" with the dreaded terrorist commonly known as "Virus" aka “The common cold.” The boot Taylor took some shrapnel from the attack but has recovered. "Baby G" Barnes has recently been released form sick bay and is expected to make a full recovery. The NCO herself was hit hard by this enemy but was considering submitting herself for a medal. She did keep up her troops and overcame the attack. :)

However, the duty NCO's Cinderella Liberty has been taken away until the terrorist has been completely eliminated. Plus at this time she is considered a "liberty risk" there is much speculation that she would become D&D.

It was decided that an all hands "field day" was necessary to wipe out any trace of this terrorist. Another “field day” prior to and following all the "dog and pony shows" of late.

The Girl Scouts recently overtook this unit, planting trees to boost morale. The FRO and FRA insisted this was not a plan from the “good idea fairy.” The POG’s were not liking the “hurry up and wait” that took place but loved lollygagging. There was however no lack of moto amongst the tiny troop.

The morale of this unit was temporary lifted up by this “dog and pony show.” However there was a security breach to our credit card that caused some collateral damage. The duty NCO Crystal after much time and energy. A bit of NCIS investigation has surmised the most likely location of the security breach was a SKYPE account. An account the “command and chief” of this unit while on TAD, “playing in the sandbox” had added phone credits to the day before. He might get stuck in River City with that type of call/communication until the security risk and breach can be completely eliminated.

A secondary morale boosting adventure was deemed necessary. So this unit attended the Schools earth day function. There was a lot of paint and Semper Gumby involved in this function. Thankfully only one of the troops attempted to use this paint as a new yet unsuccessful form of camouflage. It was thankfully easy to shower away.

In order to make sure the NCO was no longer lollygagging and getting her correct amount of PT, "Baby G" has gotten her up at zero stupid thirty on a regular basis. He has been metaphorically giving the Knife hand and gnawing at the bit and any other object within reach. He is currently working on adding 4 teeth to his arsenal.

The duty NCO's only defense regarding her misconduct in allowing the “virus” terrorist in and the security breach was to say that no one had given her Barney style instructions and that this terrorist was "above my pay grade" lol :)

Coming soon, Dance Photos “dog and pony show” stay tuned for a full report!

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