Deployment Links!


Free Photo Book for Deployed Troops!

USO, RocketLife Team Up to Ship Photo Books to Troops 

My husband loved his, said it was great quality!

Spouse deployed, visit your local USO!

The kids love 

"With You All the Way" & Smiles Over Miles

Military OneSource

They currently have a great list of resources up! 

Including helpful books and DVD's you can order for free for yourself or your children.|year=2013

Planning to send many care pakages!

Order the boxes to be delivered to your home for free.

This last link was very valuable in helping my anxious child learn to cope during this deployment. 
Check out what they have to offer!

FOCUS: Family Resiliency Training™ for Military Families

 When military parents fulfill occupational duties during wartime, their children and families can face many challenges, such as long separations, changes in family routines, and dealing with concerns about the safety of the parent who is deployed and about the well-being of the parent who remains at home. There may be times when they find long and multiple deployments more challenging than usual, particularly if a parent is dealing with the effects of combat stress and/or injuries. FOCUS is based on over 20 years of research with children and families facing challenges and adversities in many different settings. It has successfully provided services to thousands of participants at dozens of sites and continues to expand, including new online availability for those who are remotely located. 


If you have more links or information you would like to see added to this page please let me know. It is a work in progress! 

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