About Little Old Me!

About me:
    well, I am perfectly imperfect. I am the wife of an amazing Marine. He is also perfectly imperfect, I guess that is what makes us perfect for each other. I am currently the stay at home mother of two wonderful children and a “do.” A little guy that is not quite big enough to really be considered a dog.

All I need now is the white picket fence and I would be living the American dream. Ok, so maybe not, but I consider myself very lucky anyway. My husband is currently deployed, so when I am not pretending to be a domestic goddess. I say pretending because I end up looking more like a juggling yoga dropout. Or, maybe a little like the photo below. :)

I try to fill my cough cough "free time" time with writing. I write my blog with humor and heart. I am new at all this so feel free to offer me feed back and suggestions! Comment are always appreciated!

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