Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful Inside & Out!

Yesterday I survived another year of dance photos for my little girl. There was lots of coffee flowing through my veins. If you do not have a little girl in dance, I'll start by saying once a year. Normally at the end of the dance season when you are getting close to recitals. The studios always do "Dance photos" every child has to put on their recital costume(s) and partake in group/class and individual photos. I always dread this day! I have found over the years picture day is always way worse then recital day. Recitals are an all day event with many "acts" in between dances for your child so lots of time for changes and adjustments. While picture day is normally set up by age. All the costume changes, hair styles changes and make-up. Yes, make-up! Take place over a short amount of time.

Example:  yesterday my daughter had hip hop photos first, comes out changes costumes and hair and shoes. Make-up touch up if anything smeared in the process and lets face it she is 7 there is going to be some smearing along the way. Goes right back in has Ballet photos then come back out to change skirts and shoes and make-up retouch before Tap photo's. These changes and photos are back to back with many other kids in the dressing room doing the same thing. Can we say "good times", oh wait maybe good times is not the right phrase!

I kind of left off the whole hair and make-up fiasco that we go through before we ever leave the house to start that day. ugh is all I can say about that. I have learned to tell her she needs to sit still or I will purposefully make her look like a clown. My theory on this is, if she is going to look silly for the photos we might as well go all out! :)

The first year my daughter was in dance, I about had a cow when I realized the studios required make-up for photos and recitals. She was maybe 4 at the time and if you think my reaction was bad you should have heard her dad. They are right, the extra color on the face does make the photos turn out better. None of the kids faces get white washed from the normally very popping costumes, lights and backgrounds.

We have now adapted to this event and everyone understands our little girl wears make-up 3 times a year. Dance photo's, recital and Halloween. When I can actually make her look like a clown and not feel bad.

Over the years, I have had mixed feed back from friends and family when they see our little girl in her little costumes with make-up. Let me start by saying: I had little clue how "adult" some of the things involved with dance can be when I signed her up. I originally did it because we were new to the area (PCS) she was "wait listed" for head start. Meaning she did not get in because they said she was" too smart" to need it.

 I found I needed to do something else. I wanted her to have the socialization and exercise. A healthy activity outside of the home. There have been moments when I have seen her shake her booty on stage that the conservative overprotective mother in me wants to come unglued.

 {I am one of the mom's that makes sure her skirts, dresses are long enough and she wears something under them shorts, stretchy pants. A two piece swim suit will not be a part of her closet until she is at least a teenager}Yep, I am one of those mom's.

But most of the time the studios use pretty good judgment and keep the booty shaking to a minimum. My Daughter loves dance, her self-esteem, flexibility,and even posture have improved. Dance may not be considered a normal sport but those girls really do get some great exercise.

I originally worried the make-up and all that would teach her the wrong things about beauty. But just last week she reminded me just how well I have taught her.

She was getting herself ready for school and came out of her room in the most mismatched outfit I have ever seen. I politely told her she should change. She looked at me and said mom, it does not matter what I wear. Beauty is not on the outside!

That day she went to school looking a mess but in the big picture she was right!

 I don't want her to end up being in one of the "people of walmart" photos. So I have been trying to explain the difference between looking presentable for public and superficial beauty. For now I am proud that she knows that she is not only beautiful on the outside but in as well! She also knows beauty on the inside, truly is more important.

Fun to look at how much they change and grow over the years so proud of my little girl. 

How do you feel about Dance, Cheer, Gymnastics and/or child modeling. I have stayed away from modeling but I am interested in peoples opinion on the subjects!

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  1. I don't know for sure if the "beauty on the inside" phrase applies to the POWM (people of wall mart) as some of those folks are like poison dart frogs: "I'm bright of color and eccentric because my special brand of crazy may be lethal."