Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brain Power Of A Gnat!

Thank you for joining us! Today we are tuning into
 “Brain power of a gnat” 
brought to you by the powers of deployment.

I decide I have a lot to say, I love writing silly things. The quite hours after the kids are in bed can be so hard. I need something productive to do, the light goes off and I decide, "Lets start a blog." It sounds so simple! The acquiring a page part was really simple. Enter name, e-mail address and now you have your very own blog. I was so proud of myself for about two seconds. Then I realized there was all kinds of stuff I had no clue about. Pick a name, a template, set up your layout, what the heck is a gadget? Is that something I should be using in the kitchen, maybe that’s why I am a horrible cook. Needless to say this blogging thing has been an adventure already! A fun filled friend making adventure but an adventure nonetheless!

Having a conversation with my husband about Officers, his desire to be a Warrant Officer and the spouses of such personnel. The expectations and requirements. The ones I have personally admired and the sometimes bad behaviors of others. At the end of the conversation, I say “well I guess its good I don’t have to worry about any of that yet. I am not married to an Officer.” He very politely says to me, "Babe, you do remember what NCO stands for right? Non-Commissioned Officer." Yeah, the more I tried to talk myself out of that hole, the deeper I seemed to dig in. There is always a moment when you realize you should just lower your head and bite your tongue.

Since my husband left, I have had many “brain power of gnat” moments from mixing up dates of events and totally spacing things I should have done to having blonde moments of difficulty figuring things out. Then, I look back on those same things and say... “Well duh!” I would not be a true blonde if I did not incorporate the “well duh” into my life!

 I have learned to just smile and let these moments pass! Trying to be mom and dad and taxi and maid and cook and gardener and accountant and… you get my point, when I am trying to do and be everything. I am bound to make silly mistakes out of fatigue or just simply out of  the speed I try to do them. When I start  making those errors I can’t help but think of the song “My list of things to do today” by Toby Keith. Maybe what I really need to do is evaluate my list!

My parting thought for today: when we are inventing App’s that allow us to stop and smell the roses or the salty beach air from our computer or phone vs. actually taking the time to do it, maybe I am not the only one that needs to evaluate my to do list!

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