Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun With letters!

If our son could talk!
Dear daddy,

Why, oh why, did you leave me alone with this crazy woman I am told to call her Ma ma. She is always wiping my face and telling me no. You should see what I go through in a day.

I try to put things in the big can and she tells me no. You would understand dad, there is all this stuff around and that big can. I think that mom person calls it the trash can. Anyway that is the perfect place to put things. My toys, sissy's toys, that mom persons shoes. So I try to listen and not put things in there, thinking she does not want me to put stuff in there maybe I can make this woman happy if i take things out of the big can. again this crazy lady tells me no. She really needs to make up her mind, if i put things in she tells me no, if i pull things out she tells me no. This woman is nuts dad!

I had figured out her old system for keeping me out of my favorite cupboards. She put some new things on a couple my favorite places to get in. I have not yet figured out how to get them off. Give me time, I know there is cool stuff in there. I showed her though, she thought she had all the cool stuff put away. But I rocked the thing that holds clothes in my room and made this cool bottle fall down. Yeah, it was awesome! I even figured out how to take it to the living room and open it with my teeth. before that mom lady caught on I had all this stuff smeared everywhere. It was so much fun dad. That mom lady did not look to happy and said something about lotion going on bodies vs hardwood but i didn't care about that dad. she took my bottle away, can you believe the nerve of that woman.

I have gotten big dad, I can now reach things that are put on the edge of the kitchen table. I think this is the coolest thing ever and that sister of mine always thinks if she puts it on the table its safe. Well, I showed her today... I took that pretty pink cup and pulled it down without spilling and tried to take a drink. This is where it all went wrong though, that sister of mine. She got me, she put ice water in the cup. When i messed up dad that freezing stuff hit me all over. I was so shocked, cold and angry. I screamed and that mom person came over and laughed at me, how dare she laugh at me..:)  Next time I need to make sure I just dump it on the floor vs myself that was so not cool. On the bright side, sissy's pretty pink cup was empty.

This ma ma woman is crazy always telling me no. don't eat the dog food, no dumping the dogs water, no eating leaves, no feeding the dog half my food. No playing in the toilet. No playing in soot, the list goes on dad and she is always wiping my face and hands. I know you would understand dad, there is no need to wipe my face I'm just going to get it dirty again.

Dad you need to hurry home so I can get dirty, and work on all the things I need to take over the world.

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