Friday, April 5, 2013

Vacations {Flowers and Fairy Tales}

      When I day dream of vacations, I always think of the fairy tales getaway. No kids, a nice hotel room, hot tubs, flowers, meals out, moon-lit walks on the beach, couples massages.. Ahh, I have had one of those! Honestly I did. Although my husband was not nearly as fond of the couples massage as I was. You see he got “bruno, the furry” to do his massage and I got the petite attractive brunette. He made me promise to never put him through that again. That was a wonderful vacation. I also came home with a little gift that I will never forget. I came home pregnant, Imagine that. Ha ha

Oh how I day dream of more vacations like this, minis coming home with the gift. I love the one I have. I would not trade him for the world but I think I will pass on that being part of the vacation package in the future. This however is not how most of my “Vacations” really are. Most of my vacations are trips home to see the family. I am not saying I don’t love and enjoy time with the extended family. But it is a whole different bundle of fun to those kind of trips. I generally come home more exhausted then I was when I left. For some reason my children seem to be magnets to the most expensive and breakable things in my relatives homes. Oh and flying with children although doable. Is not my idea of a good time. Don’t get me wrong, my extended family is great and who could complain about a family that always has cocktail hour before dinner.

    I do however always find it funny that most of the people I know say the same thing. We all love vacations so much. Yet half the time we get home and are whipped out. Can’t wait to sleep in our own beds again or sit around in our PJ’s on the couch.

    Humm thinking about this has me wanting a vacation. But without the whole traveling thing, extended family thing. My husband being deployed kind of ruins the  whole walks on the beach thing. So, maybe I’ll ship my kids to the neighbors buy myself some wine, order pizza, pretend my bath tub is a hot tub and lounge around in my pajama’s watching bad tv.

Yep, that sounds like a great vacation to me!

Have you had a "Vacation" lately??

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  1. ha ha ha>>> ok so most of the posts show. Fairy tails vs tales!!! Yep some days I really am a blonde. Just consider it extra humor.. I really like taking my tail on vacation! :)