Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family & Unoffically "offical" deployment baskets! {Don't forget the choloclate)

Right before I married my husband one of his friends stopped by my place. She and her husband had been friends with my soon to be hubby for some time. I did not know her well at that point but she quickly became a very valued part of my life. Having been a Marine Wife for a while she gave me the best wedding gift ever.

She stopped by with a gift basket, a few words or wisdom and told me “Welcome to the family.” The gift basket was not any ordinary basket of stuff. It was the good stuff! She gave me a large bottle of Vodka, because military life can be hard. A large box of chocolates for, well lets face it. I’m a chick there does not have to be a “good” reason for chocolate, does there? It also contained a book. It was filled with information, on acronyms, PCS’s and a lot of the other things this life tends to toss at us. The only way this gift could have been better is if it came with an automatic refill button. Not that I have not figured out how to refill it myself a time or ten.

I have thought of this gift many times over the years. Her words of wisdom and her sincerity when she welcomed me to the family. She set a great example for me back then and in a lot of ways, we really are family. No one understands better then other spouses the challenges, heartache and elation we feel and face. In every family there is always the black sheep, the high and mighty, the do good’er, and the Mr. one up’s man. I think they are mixed in to make us appreciate our diversities or maybe it is just to make us think twice before we pick our seat at Thanksgiving dinner.
{Never sit next to Uncle John! He has been every where and done everything man, and he did it much better then you could ever dream of doing of. }
Even with all our diversities and we if try to avoid sitting next to Uncle John at dinner we still care about each other help each other out. Uncle John might be the same guy you look up if you need a hug or an ear. Family is a bunch of individual somewhat fragile strands that make a very strong rope when put together. We are one great big Military Family!

The basket she gave me back then was the inspiration for what I am going to call the deployment basket. Our men are issued gear and gear lists. From now on when I know a spouse is preparing for deployment I am going to issue them an "official" Crystal Deployment basket!

Basket Contents:

A Watch-
To remind you time does pass, even when it does not feel like it!

Just in case you are the type to need an excuse to cry and let it all out. Call me, I bet once we slice that thing open I’ll be crying right along with you!

Mini bottles of assorted alcohol- (with note stating)
Prescription: Take one as needed for stress and call me immediately, so I can join you for the next one!

Prescription: Take one or ten as needed or desired. Do not call me or I’ll force you to share!

A key chin-
With only the word “family” written on it to remind you that is what we are. Families stick together and help each other out along the way. Lean on me, laugh with me but mostly share your chocolate!

Lastly a coupon- (good for one free night of kid care) This coupon will be attached to a little bottle of bubble bath to remind them to take care of and reward themselves along the way!

If the people I give the baskets to are anything like me.The contents will be appreciated but the thought and feeling of family and support will mean even more!  

What has your Military family done for you and what have you done for them?