Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sprinklers, K-9's and reunions!

I had a family member send me a touching video about a service member being reunited with his dog after deployment.  It got me thinking about our silly dog and our last reunion of sorts. My husband had gone away to one of his Jump schools. If I remember correctly he had been gone about  two months. Not long in the scheme of things but I was still very excited to see him. I had a special little thing all planned out.

I knew he would not make it home until evening. So I made sure the kid was in bed at an early but reasonable hour. I had purchased some wine and nice wine glasses. I had them all wonderfully displayed. I Lit some candles and put the brand new silk sheets on the bed. In my mind I can hear anyone whom has actually owned silk sheets laughing. But the silk sheet story is a whole different funny blog. Or maybe a comedy show. Regardless, just so you know my advice if you would ever like to actually sleep in your bed or with a pillow. Skip the silk! You, your pillow, blankets everything seems to slide around in much different directions. Its like sleeping on a slide and expecting you and your things not to slide down. Not going to happen.

Where was I, oh yeah! I was all excited about seeing my husband everything all planned out and “pretty” just for his arrival. We all know how much men care about things being “pretty” OK so the pretty part was unnecessary overkill but what is it they say about hind sight?

 Everything is in place, I am checking the clock and pacing the floor. I still have an hour or two to kill. I think ugh! Then he calls me! He starts telling me how the drive back is not going as expected and yada yada. My bubble is popping by the second. At that moment I am valiantly trying become an actress and fake understanding. I am so caught up in my own disappointment and “acting” that I do not hear the car pull in the drive.

The next thing I know, my front door is opening and he is standing there. I am obviously overjoyed at his surprise early arrival. The one thing neither of us figured into our separate little surprises was our silly little dog. Before I could set down my phone and truly respond to my husbands presence. Our silly dog comes running out to see his master, his friend. In his excitement he is jumping everywhere at my husbands feet. Unfortunately peeing! He was basically being a little sprinkler with each hop. I never realized just how high that little guy could hop.

Just so you know the dog was house broken and this had never happened before or since for that matter. Our best made plans for romance and surprise turned into a comedy show of trying to get the silly dog outside to stop the sprinkler and calm down. Then clean up the kitchen floor, Albeit laughing the whole time! We did eventually drink the wine and toss the silk sheets in the trash.

This night taught me a few things, first off make sure the dog has been outside recently if I expect my husband home from a long absence. That little guy is just as excited as I am to see that man come home but apparently I have a much stronger bladder.

 The best laid plans can and normally will go wrong. I had to roll with it and it turned out wonderfully! It may not have been the exact romantic reunion I had planned but it was a fun, memorable and wonderful experience.

Lastly, my husband and I are not really the whole big romance type. I think if I would have had a beer in the fridge and myself in a gunny sack or well anything or nothing. We would have had just as much fun with a lot less work and money spent! Not that I regret one moment of the memories made that night!

Have you ever had a reunion from a trip or deployment not go exactly as planned?

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