Friday, April 5, 2013


I am a very analytical person. Yep, I am one of those. Something comes up, changes about to happen and I think about it. Then I think about it some more. Then I probably think about it a couple more times just to make sure. whatever I was thinking the first time was right.  As you can imagine my mind is kept very busy in this military life style.

In this life there are always changes coming down the line. So, I am always thinking planning and prepping for those changes. My husband comes home. I got word I am being slated for the next deployment. My mind switches into overdrive. Ok, mental check list, followed by written check list, followed by rethinking check lists. You get the picture. But then a few days a week later he comes home. Babe, they changed the plan. They are keeping me back this time, they need me here for xyz and might send me on the next one. I would grunt or complain about the roller coaster of changes, but honestly unless there are physical orders in his hand. Ahh well, Even with the orders. A few years in this life and you learn everything is subject to change. If it is not in the past then there is no guarantees.

    So I change gears, I start planning for the next change that is due. A potential PCS, a new unit. I have mental check lists for just about everything at this point. But the problem is how do you prepare for all of the changes when you never really know if or when they are going to happen.

   I guess I have learned to prepare for both sides. I think we are due for orders, I think we will have to move. I Start to think about what things I would move with me and what things I would either sell or toss.  I start to toss away or donate unnecessary items. If we don’t move you could consider this wasted energy but on the flip side. I got ride of a bunch of clutter.  Do I really need “all” of my sons newborn outfits. Do I really need his baby swing he has not used in months. Heck no!  In this case no matter if we moved or did not move. I am not going to end up in bad shape. Although hoarders might disagree with me on this. The lack of all that clutter could be devastating. So if you are a hoarder do not follow my lead, I would hate to be responsible for someones mental breakdown.
 Now I do have to mention that prepping for change in my house can be all out disaster in some areas. Our daughter is a bit, well I will not sugar coat it. she is a very anxious child. Changes cause her to become overwhelmed and over-emotional. Think of your most hormonal moment during pregnancy or PMS and amplify it by a 100 and you have a picture of how well she likes change. How do I handle this well. It involves a lot of hair pulling, a lot of coffee and many time outs. (time outs for me not her!)

  I have learned to walk her through each step slowly. Not to show her the big picture but just one piece of the puzzle at a time. I don’t tell her we might have to move. I tell her, today we are going to sort through your clothes and give the ones that don’t fit to someone whom has less then we do. I break down the process of any change into steps she can handle.
 I think we all could learn a little from this. How often do we get overwhelmed with everything that is on our metaphorical plates. Or with the changes that lie ahead. I think if we all slowed down, took a breath and focused on one piece at a time we would be a little less overwhelmed. If you don’t slow down and take in the details, can you really admire the true beauty of a painting. Life and changes are filled with little details that all add up to the bigger picture. The next time you feel overwhelmed, slow down and take it one piece at a time!

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