Saturday, March 30, 2013

Barnes Review, Todays Top Headlines!

Today's top Headlines

Cookie Dealer, Has put in her resignation!

As the weeks tick down to the final Girl Scout cookie sales. We ask ourselves have there been enough sugar highs in her neighborhood to keep the people happy. If the answer is No, act now before it is to late!

The cookie dealer has advertised a close out sale. Our investigative reporter stated that this is a legitimate claim, although some were questioning its viability as the cookie price did not change. Our investigator uncovered, that due to the technicality of the cookie dealing being shut down soon and that she is in fact selling a product. She can call it a close out sale without changing the price. The wording is just to make you feel better. Stay tuned for more updates! Tomorrows leading stories: How to over fill a Pinata, Coffee is a food group, and a special offer from the new fitness program called KIDS!

Stunning Fashions, Unpredictable Behavior!

No we are not talking about Madonna or Taylor Swift. We are are talking about Princess Taylor. Her latest trends are of the wild side, the brighter the color the better. Pink is not great anymore it has to be "hot Pink" to be cool. Although our fashion experts sometimes disagrees with Princess Taylors choices, some how that girl can pull it off. New shoes black with lots of hot pink!

we expect her to become the next big thing in fashion. You had better keep your eye on this one. Although Her sense of fashion is loud and eye catching, her behavior causes her to be in the spot light just as frequently. You never quite know what to expect form this one. From Princess wonderful behavior, to damsel in distress, to raving Diva. Princess Taylor is destined to always be in the spot light and headlines! Stay tuned for more updates! Tomorrows leading stories: It's my birthday "week", Its boring being smart and Princesses can climb trees "you just need the right shoes!"

Does not fall far from the Tree!

Loves being outside, getting dirty, looking for trouble and is handsome! Chance is yet again topic in this weeks scuttlebutt. Stories ranging from: is he black, a zebra, or was he playing in the fireplace soot again. He is built like a truck, how big is his daddy, What are you feeding him? He walks like a drunk on steroids, What are you feeding him? To is he really trying to eat that? Or my personal favorite: Watch him he might bite, no not the dog "Chance." Stay tuned for more updates! Tomorrows leading stories: Water is cool (dog water, toilet water, bath water), Two for you, One for me (Why the dog is getting fat) and I know my name, I'm just not listening!

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