Friday, March 29, 2013

Mommy is on strike today!

There are dishes in the sink, and laundry to be done. You see mommy misses daddy. Day 108 was not starting out looking like very much fun. Mommy made a choice right then and there. This day was not a work day, things could be left undone.
Today we took a walk and got ourselves ice cream. When it came time for dinner we ordered pizza and watched bad TV. You kids made me smile and reminded me of some very important things. As I watched you both laugh and play, I could not help but think. It feels like yesterday you were born and now your both chasing me. There are days this deployment feels so long. But, when I looked at you I can't help but see!

The years, they fly by so quickly!

So, I owe you a thank you my children.

Just for being you and for helping me, even if you really did not mean to be.


  1. I'm a new follower and fellow Marine wife. Always nice to connect with other military wives

    1. Thank you for following me. I am still new at all this, so feel free to offer feed back. :) Or if you want to add something just let me know. I am happy to meet you.