Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just for fun! (Me simply being silly)

MOB(Main operating Base), i.e. Home-front Evaluation!

All preliminary data is pointing to a missing cog being the culprit in the malfunctioning operation of this unit. As this cog is irreplaceable this unit is attempting to make strategic arrangement to function until its return.

At the time of this evaluation, this units co-founding cog commonly referred to as Crystal was holding up to the deferred work load from missing cog with only minor visual wear. Evaluator suggested the use of duck tape and wd-40. Under these circumstance these products are better known by there alternate names of Chocolate and Vodka.

Evaluator interviewed 3 subjects at this unit and found varying results from missing cog.

The first ran around chasing squirrels and barking, we are considering having this subject evaluated further.

The second would not stop talking, demanded better pay in the form of Toys and clothing!

The 3rd spoke in a language we were unable to ascertain the meaning to and walked around a bit like he was drunk.. This subject was also busy looking in every closet and open door. for what, we are unsure at this time. We have heard rumor, he was looking for tools to "take over the world."

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