Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dentists & Fairy Tales! Or something like that! :)

Kicking back at the dentist today, oh ok so I was not kicking back. I was curling my toes, trying to pretend I did not feel the suction thingy (technical term there) jabbing my gum. Or smell all the antiseptic or hear the sound of the drill working away at my cavity. Just thinking about it makes me cringe and curl my toes all over again. Not a big fan of the dentist as you can tell. Ah but there I go totally off course. Maybe I have ADD, did you see that squirrel?

Where was I, Oh yeah, I was sitting there trying to distract myself from all the “fun” going on in my mouth. So I start listening to the dentist and her assistants conversation. {Don’t you love how they start chatting away like you are not even there.} I hear the assistant telling the dentist that her boyfriend just enlisted in the Army and is preparing for boot camp. They start talking about the debate of getting married before or after boot camp and all that is entailed in a military style “quick” wedding. I try to smile. I say try because remember I have a dentists hands, a drill and suction thingy in my mouth. Besides I am numb, so only half my face even tries to listen to my mental command.

Anyway, I lose track of the rest of there conversation shortly after that. Because I start to think of my own military romance and wedding. It starts as most fairy tail loves do, In a B.F.E. slightly run down country bar. Oh, that’s not how it starts in fairy tails. Humm might have to consider re-writing my love story. Or, maybe its more of a romance novel then. Boy meets girl, there is a magic connection. They are inseparable from that day on. well, except for they both work and the little girl she has and life and OK so maybe inseparable is the wrong word but they were together a lot. Boy tells girl, I’m a Marine and just got orders to move in two months.

Long story short, maybe not that long of a story. I mean how long can a story really be if there is only 6ish weeks from day they start dating to day they walked down the isle and said “I do.“ I guess its not that long of a story, but the cliff notes version. A few weeks after marriage, She quit her job, loads up “some” of her belongings, moves her, the little girl, his dog into a travel trailer to move 2000 miles across the country.

That’s not how it goes in romance novels either. Dang, I am really going to have to work on re-vamping my love story.

Sitting there {wishing the dentist would finish, my jaw was starting to cramp} oh and thinking about my love story and the years that have passed since my whirl wind romance and marriage. I couldn’t help but think of all the other “military style” weddings I have heard of. I also could not help but think,. You can’t always wait for the right time or hesitate when things come your way. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Jump in with both feet. Would I recommend this style of courtship to our daughter. No probably not. I know I was lucky, we were lucky. The years continue to pass and we only fall deeper in love. Sometimes betting on love,. betting on yourself, and taking a risk is the right thing to do! Maybe for you it’s the risk of rejection by submitting that article for publication. Maybe it’s the risk of falling on your face from an extra hard course, Applying for a job or requesting a promotion. Sometimes jumping in, taking that risk, pays off!

I may not have your average “fairy tale” or “romance novel” story, but this much love, this many years in. I can tell you this love story ends with:

& they lived, "Happily Ever After!”

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  1. Sweet story. So glad it has a happy ending.

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