Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lessons, Bloopers, & Life!

Photo by: A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps
We all have them, the things that go wrong. The things we do wrong and the things we learn from our spouse’s absence. Truth: Deployments can be hard, but a sense of humor can make it easier. 100 days in 265 to go, here are some of my “high points” see if you can relate or at least get a laugh!

~I am now proficient at jump starting vehicles, my car, the truck the lawn mower. Did you know that a truck can have two batteries and you should use the passenger side one when jumping it. Yeah, me neither. We will not mention that 2 times I had to jump start my car was because I left the lights on. Nah, we will leave that unsaid because even when stressed in a hurry and lugging around the kids I would never be that silly, especially not twice. By the way the dummy beeper, you know the one that screams at you when you open the door if the lights are on. Yeah, that is either broken or missing in my car. Think I need to invest in one of those, wonder if you can get one that calls you an idiot vs. beeps.

~An all time favorite of mine and most people that know me, was the laundry soap in the dishwasher event. Have you ever noticed how the laundry pods and the dish soap pods look exactly the same. Well I got a laundry soap pod sample in the mail and had tossed it under the sink. Doing dishes in a hurry, trying to keep the baby from climbing into the dishwasher. I grabbed the wrong pod. Before I knew it my kitchen was covered in bubbles! My floors have never been so clean. You could almost say they were clean enough to wear.

~I have learned there is a proper angle and technique for mowing the ditches. Yeah, if you do it wrong you get stuck. Not a big deal if you are a guy. If you’re a chick and a small chick at that, well lifting the back end of a riding lawn mower is not as much fun as it sounds. But then again you could probably say that feeling up the back end of that thing is the most action I have or will have for a while so I should probably count myself as lucky.

~I am noticing a trend here, I made the car lights mistake twice and the ditch mistake twice before learning my lesson. Humm, I’m not a very sharp tool some days.

~I have learned the trash and recycling do not magically take themselves out like I had thought. Oh and piles of sticks and leaves that use to magically disappear when I left them on the lawn, well for some reason that magic is missing as well. After figuring this out, you can’t blame me for wondering how long it would take the pile of leaves to decompose on its own.

~I have learned the dog chain does not do much good it it is only hooked up to the dog and not anything else on the other end. I took down the dog chain from its line for my daughters birthday piƱata, got busy and tired and forgot to ever put it back up. Late that night I put the dog out one last time not thinking about it. Well he was running around the neighborhood dragging his chain with him. On the bright side he had a blast and slept very well that night.

~I have learned that spa chairs, pedicures and coffee are vital to my sanity, and everyone else’s safety that needs to be around me.

~I have learned I really can’t dance, I look like a two year old having a fit. Thank you X-Box!

~When I sit down to “relax” I head to the uncomfortable computer chair vs. the couch. I have decided I do this because subconsciously I know it has better lumbar support. It has nothing to do with it becoming a habit or me checking yet again to see if he has e-mailed.

~When there is a tornado warning, hurricane or any other warning within 50 miles, the bathroom quickly becomes a fallout shelter any military member would be proud of. Excessive over-reactive, no, the good idea fairy is never wrong.

~I have learned to avoid buying any gift or item that claims “some assembly required”

~I have learned my husbands cologne/body spray is some how soothing to have around. But no, its not his body spray I am using in the living room, bedroom… its this new ultra cool air freshener I found. It just happens to smell the same.

~I have learned that having great friends that laugh with and occasionally at you is necessary in times like these.

~I have learned having a husband that is worth it all the good and the bad, highs and lows is priceless!

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  1. The lighter, funny side, lol! :)

    "~I have learned having a husband that is worth it all the good and the bad, highs and lows is priceless!"

    - I'm sure that you knew that all along .....