Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting on Orders

I have been lucky little time spent apart,
I knew it was coming and it pulled at my heart.

I found myself waiting! Waiting on the orders, that would take you away.
Waiting on the orders, that would put you in harms way.

Today you told me the words that stopped my heart.
Can it be, My fear comes alive before me.
I try to act strong like these words don't affect me.
truth is it scares me more then I can explain to thee.

I know that you need to go. It's pull for you as strong as my fear!
I talk to other wives, I recognize there sadness and fear.
I hear the news and morn for those who die.
How can I face this and not lose my mind.

I have been told to hope for the best but plan for the worst!
Oh, tell me please tell me. How do i do this!
How do I support and encourage you to go, but plan for you not to return.

No longer waiting on the orders, that will take you away.
No longer waiting on the orders, that will put you in harms way.
Now oh now.. I am just dreading the day!
~Crystal Barnes~

1 comment:

  1. Crystal,

    This is a powerful and touching expression of your sorrow and concern. for your Marine.

    Though not quite in the same sense, I have some understanding, and can relate to your words, as one of my sons is a member of the Australian Defence Force. Though he is at home presently, he has been deployed previously.

    I know that when a loved one leaves home, to be put in harms way, it feels as if they have left home, with a large, jagged piece of one's heart, tucked in their backpack.

    My best wishes to you, and may your Marine be blessed, protected and return to his family, safely!