Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breaking News! :) To Do Lists Reproduce!

Researchers at “Mom’s R US” have come up with some compelling evidence to support their claim on the reproduction of To Do Lists.
This ground breaking study has yet to be published. But, they have found if you start a To do list with only two things on that list and walk away. When you come back there will either be multiple lists or the things you marked off will reappear. It seems the biggest culprits of reproduction on those lists are laundry, dishes, meals, school lunches and kids activities. School lunches and kid activities seem to have a lower reproduction rate then that of laundry and dishes. As our understanding of there reproductive abilities is limited at this time. Researches have yet to find an effective birth control. If you wish to participate in this ground breaking research all you need to do is make a To Do List if this does not work, have children. The more children you have the higher the reproduction rate of To Do Lists.

Researchers are currently asking for donations of time and energy. Even the smallest contribution can help. lol

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