Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My plate is full and my cup runneth over! But, not in a good way. “Quick grab the napkins!”

We all have those days or weeks. You know the ones I’m talking about when the kids get sick, you have 5000 things on your “to do” list and then you get a flat tire or your car will not start. I have civilian friends that have this happen as well. But, For some reason It seems our spouses deploying is like an invitation for this. Are there magic fairy’s that run around posting signs next to us or in our yards as soon as our service members leave?

{problems, trouble and work please stop here!}

A couple weeks after my husband deployed. I had one of those days. I had signed my daughter up for Girl Scouts. I thought it only meets 2 times a month. That is not a big deal and it will be a positive for her maybe help her cope. I am not saying I was wrong exactly just that it started out with a bang.

I was overtired because of deployment sleeping adjustment, my infant son and life. I had to pick my daughter up from school and run her to the PX to get her uniform and accessories. My daughter runs off in the PX, yep I lost my 6 year old in the PX. She had seen another child her age and ran off to say hi! I endured the embarrassment of asking the clerks to help me find her. Then I get both kids and all our merchandise to the car only to find the battery is dead. Ugh, I load up both kids and try to find someone whom has both jumper cables and a desire to help. If I was not running late because of my “missing” child I am now. I finally get the car started, use my GPS and punch in the address to our Girl Scout meeting location.. Those little sign posting fairys have really been busy because my GPS decides to tell me it is not a valid address. As I try to use my phone to map out the meeting location, my infant son starts fussing and my 6 year old breaks down. “We are never going to make it mom, I am missing my first meeting.”

For a moment, I just sit in that drivers seat thinking this deployment has just begun and I already need a vacation and an extra stiff drink! After many phone calls and some lets call it sight seeing. We eventually found the meeting location. That day coming to an end felt a bit like a blessing.

This experience taught me some things and reminded me of a few other. A few things that happened that night were the work of those silly fairy’s and unavoidable. However, some of them were caused by me being miss independent. I have some great friends. I could have and should have asked for help. I could have asked for help with the kids earlier in the week to avoid the crazy shopping trip or I could have asked one of them to take the baby for a few hours that night. That day reminded me that asking for help along the way does not make me less independent. It actually allows me to do more and probably do it better. Oh, and it reminded me to always always make sure you have jumper cables in your car!

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