Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Funk into Funky!

 We reached the half way point in the deployment. I guess somewhere in my mind making it to the half way point was going to be this wonderful thing. unfortunately, there was no magic moment.  The half way point came and went like any other day! 

For me its like making it half way up an enormous mountain. Sure If I look back over my path I am proud of how far I have come but when I look up ahead I can still see how far it is to the top. I could feel how long six months have been and anticipate how hard the next six would be. At that center point, I am empowered but also tired from the journey I have been on. Seems such a contradiction in emotion. Six months in, is the glass half empty or half full. Maybe It is a Pessimism/optimism thing!

I do believe I unintentionally made this "moment" worse for myself by thinking the half way point would be this great mile stone. I thought it would feel so good. Maybe I should have looked at this journey more like you would a race. You don't celebrate the miles you look for the finish line!

The emptiness, lack of grandeur of the half way point is almost daunting. It sure did a number on my motivation.

I need to find my way out of this funk! I need to shake it off and get back on my path!

Tomorrows goal! 

To shake it! 

Turn this Funk into Funky! :) 

Maybe I'll do my chores to 80's music and put my hair in pig tails. 

Feel free to share your favorite fun and or funky song with me!
From any generation! 
YouTube is my friend!
Sometimes music really can uplift and sooth the soul!


  1. Try "Dont stop believeing" by Journey, at the very least every redneck and asian in the neighborhood will sing along ;)

  2. Ya for half way and FFFF for the time still to go! I get your funk though! But to get funky, you really need to wear you hair in a side ponytail, put on your MC Hammer Pants and gold chains and dance to Hammer Time or Play That Funky Music White Boy! :) I'll even join and we can have a dance off! :p

    1. Ha ha, I think I will make that a goal for my future.. Finding the pants might be the biggest challenge! :)

  3. Hi :) I've just found your blog and I loved it! Good luck for the second part of the deployment, my husband is deployed too and we have to wait 2 more months before being together again http://unarmywifeitaliana.blogspot.it/(posts are both in English and Italian don't worry :D )

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I wish you luck in your last few mo. as well. :) I am anxious to check out your blog! :)