Friday, May 3, 2013

This is real life! (Homefront update)

It has been a while since my last real update. We are on day 142 over half way to R&R, yeah!! Give or take one more month and we will be at the half way point for our deployment. I can only imagine everyone’s shock and awe. I was also shocked when I realized we are almost half way, and both kids and the dog are still alive. The house has yet to burn down and the lawn has not turned into a field! We are on a roll!

So the puppy has put on a little weight, and the general maintenance on the kids, house and yard might be slightly under par. But we are all still kicking, and that counts for something.

There have been many highs and lows since my last update.

Captain stinky wiener our beloved dachshund. He is striving at every opportunity to live up to his nick name. If there is something nasty within his reach he will take a few bites to enhance his dog breath, then proceed to roll in it more than a few times, just to be sure he is adequately covered.  He will then run up to me and share his love and kisses.  Such a sweet dog to want to share his “find.” for some odd reason I am never as impressed with his finds as he is and I am thankful that he is small and well behaved in the bath.

Our little Diva in training is doing very well. she has actually been trying to add in some little lady training and back away a bit from her Diva tendencies. As her mother, all I can say is “I hope its not just a phase.” Please don’t let it be a phase! She told me last night that there are things she wants and things she wants to do, and she knows that if she is doing the right things I am more likely to say yes. Why on earth did I not send her that memo sooner!

She's had her struggles since our last update, some issues with bullies on the school bus and a “new” rule at school that says you can not tell the teacher on others or you get in trouble. I understand the rule on some levels but her little question to me was: "Mom, what do I do if someone is hitting or picking on me. I can’t tell or I’ll get in trouble. I don’t know what to do." Well, little one, that is a great question. Looks like I’ll be talking to the school this week and have them answer her very valid question. If they are going to make that kind of rule, they had better give the kids other tools to use to handle the bullies and things. My take on the rule is if the kids can not ask for help the likeliness of the little things becoming full on fights increases ten fold.

Baby G, the little general, is growing like a weed and keeping his mama busy. At the doctor's office recently he was diagnosed with a double eye infection, good times.  While in the waiting room, he was standing next to a boy maybe 2 months younger than him. He looked like a little sumo wrestler in comparison. To go from a tiny, less than 6 pound baby to sumo boy is an amazing transition. I am considering changing his nick name from the little general (baby G) to “no fear.” that kid will climb on anything and if you turn you back for a second he is gone. He almost made it out of the bank yesterday. One minute he was playing in the play room with his sister the next he is following a customer out the main door. That boy is going to make my hair turn gray before his daddy comes home. This little guy has also decided that he did not like schedules and being a one year old was the perfect time to get his two year old molars. I have to give him a "good initiative bad judgment" on this one. I have to admit the extra snuggle time is kind of cool though. He is still very fascinated by the toilet. His most recent obsession is seeing what all he can put into it before I catch him. So, if you ever come over please look in the toilet before using or flushing. there are somethings that are a really bad idea to flush, his sisters clothing, my wrist brace, toys…

Me, well I am still trying to be the chameleon, juggling, yoga master. Yes, the chameleon addition is new but I have realized adapting to my environment and circumstances, while juggling tasks and stretching myself in funky directions is necessary… it's almost like I am playing an amplified version of twister, yes I do end up looking silly and falling down in odd positions but that’s all a part of the game.  You laugh, try again, and hope no one had a camera.

Mr. Murphy has been a frequent guest at our residence. From the little annoyance of a slow draining sink, sick kids, lack of sleep, the lawn mower tossing a belt or only having manual reverse. When I say manual I mean you shut the mower off, try to find neutral (no easy task) and then manually push it backwards. I like to joke that if I get mowed into a corner I’ll never get out lol.  To bigger frustrations of credit card fraud and frozen loan accounts when you are making the very last truck payment, to a mess up with homeowners insurance and random other things. I have grown accustomed to Mr. Muphy's presence and have learned not only to expect it but to be almost thankful for it so I can use it as fun blog topics. Sometimes the best humor comes from the looking back at “Bad” events. {That one time my pants split wide open in the back when I was on the dance floor at a crowded club.} yeah looking back that shit is funny!

I am not just surviving, I am living through the chaos of deployment. I really am happy overall. I have learned to slow down and enjoy the simple moments in life. I have good days and bad just like everyone else. I am always impressed by how much love I can feel from a man that is a million miles away. Editor's note: 14,600 mi. approx. I have learned to embrace my female side. The side that makes me spray his cologne, wear his clothes or cry at sappy songs I would normally change or shake my head at. I have learned there are days it is ok to cry in the shower because I miss him and days its ok to dance in the kitchen with the kids!

I may not love every moment of my crazy life but I do love every moment of being his wife!

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