Monday, May 13, 2013

Blogs of “Camp Cupcake!” (2)

This Week's Top Headlines!

Chickens, piggys and children- {Too scared of work to step-up, to lazy or just don’t know what to do with out a hand to hold} I bet if Barney sang to them it would be much easier! Clean up, clean up, “everybody do your share!!” :) ok so Barney is not always needed but there are days!

Where are the Marines?
Oh yeah, maybe some one should have actually told them to be here. Nah, they like to hustle! They will appreciate the last minute phone call.  lol

Putting a hands-on mechanic behind a desk is a new proven cause of insanity! He starts to say things like, "Please, please give me anything that involves 'real' work. I can’t wait to mow the lawn, turn wrenches, clean the house and cook food and … Anything that is hands on!" {I as his wife, I can’t wait to take advantage of him} lol

Complacency kills, mental function is wilting as we speak. "Should this form have a 5 or a 50?  Ahh who cares, its close enough." Someone please send in the medics and some coffee or maybe a zapping pen or a whoppie cushion.

Lastly a generous contribution from my husband!
A preface to his contribution. You must know he is not one of those people that jump out of bed all smiles and alert. He is running on auto-pilot until food and caffeine hit his system. lol

It’s a hard rough life.. For us.

So, I woke up to my dual alarms, and got frustrated at one of them because I could not get it to turn off, stuck it under my pillow and went back to sleep. Problem solved.

Coming into work a few minutes late because I did not get up on time, I am carrying my kindle with the alarm still going off. At this point, I come across gunny, who looks at me strangely and says nothing is going on today, not caring to remark on the noises being emitted from my device. I manage to set the kindle on my desk and run out the door towards chow without drawing too much attention. I made it almost all the way to the chow hall and I hear the DAMNED ALARM AGAIN! I try to shake off the feeling that I should not be hearing my alarm clock, and that its all in my head (which is not awake yet and so chock full of cobwebs I’m surprised it even has room for a thought of food) but the suspicion lingers in the back of my ears along with the annoying ringing. I turn the corner, about to cross the street to the chow hall, and the noise intensifies, like my damned clock needs to do something important, such as glide toward the wall. I notice for the first time every one is standing around outside, not going towards the chow hall, and the cooks are gathered in a knot a good distance away from the entrance.
Then it hits me: My alarm clock started a fire in the chow hall! That SOB, now I have to walk clear across base to the other (beep) chow hall! Damn alarm clock!

I died laughing when I read this, I don't know how many times I have dragged myself out of bed to take care of the children or any other number of things and had something so obvious be compactly baffling until my eyes finished opening. The coffee pot is not working, ahh it helps when you push the "on" button! It is so funny to also see some of this is genetic. Baby G is just like his daddy, if you put him down right after he wakes up. He will stumble into walls, doors, and/or fall down. :)

Have you ever had "sleep walking" moments that you look back on and laugh?

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