Friday, May 10, 2013

Skype! The best/worst invention of all time!

I encourage you to always talk about the weather. :)

Why Skype will never use Verizon's, Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now? What? Can you hear me Now??
Pop up window {We have lost your connection, let us try an automatic call back}
Can you hear me NOW? Huh??

It never fails that you start raising your voice, so very quickly you are yelling at the computer. Like yelling is going to magically make the program work or the connection improve. lol :)

It took 3 calls last night for my husband and I to actually talk, somewhere in there he had to shut down and restart the skype program.

I love seeing my husbands face and talking to him, it warms my heart and makes the distance just a little easier.

 Skype is the most wonderfully frustrating invention in the world. I admit sometimes our problems come from the connection and not Skype. My husband is currently located in BFE so that can cause unique challenges but the majority of the time, it is something going on with Skype... Oh, Skype

We officially have a love/hate relationship. :)

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  1. totally the same for me!! especially about the love/hate relationship