Friday, May 10, 2013

Trusting your Instincts! Mothers Intuition?

Yesterday I was yet again reminded that sometimes we just need to trust that little inner voice.

My little boy got up a mess. A 103ish fever, yucky nose and just noticeably in discomfort. I could have easily put this off to teething, I mean he is working on getting about 6 or 8 of those bad boys in right now. So that could have been an easy explanation.  I could have accepted that he had just caught a little bug and given it a few days to “run“ its course. Something, some little nagging piece of me, kept saying this is not right. This in not just teething or a little bug. By early afternoon that nagging voice convinced me to call his doctor, It turned out my little man had very bad double ear infections.
Granted had I not listened to that little voice it would not have caused any major events. Ear infections are not life threatening or anything. He just would have been sick, in pain and miserable longer.

There have been many moments of this little voice saving my butt with my daughter. From her being home after birth for one day and me requesting her jaundice levels get checked. They agreed but said she did not look bad and not to worry.  We ended up getting sent directly to neonatal intensive care. To arguing with an ER doctor about whether she was a dehydrated infant or not. Took a few bags of IV fluids for her to pee. Guess I was on to something.

I am not trying to say there have not been moments that I was wrong and my overprotective nature had just taken hold. I am saying there are more moments in my history that when I had that voice screaming something is not right. It was normally correct. I do not know if it is mothers intuition, or if it is just that we as mothers know our babies. Either way, I have learned to trust that little voice!

Never been as happy as I was last night to see these two destroying his room. The medications took effect and toy boxes were dumped and smiles returned. :)

Have you ever had these moments?

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