Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Miss That!

It never failed that he would get home from a long days work and his boots would end up in unique locations. Hardly ever tucked nicely against a wall. I inevitably would kick/trip on them. In all my grace and talent I would always find the steel part of the steel toe boot to kick. I would cuss, he would laugh!
I miss that!

When shopping if I found something I wanted, I would just get it depending on price of course. I never looked or cared if it said.... "some assembly required" I miss that!

I could always pretend something was too heavy for me to carry or just too hard for me to do. He would smile knowingly and take care of it. I miss that!

He always pretended his hands were just to big to fold baby/kid laundry. I would smile knowing and take care of it. I miss that!

I would always get angry and start pushing on him when he snoozed his alarm for the tenth time. I miss that!

I use to love telling him how sexy you looked doing the dishes! We would both laugh! I miss that!

Our infant son ending up covered in grease because those two were in the garage turning wrenches. While I ran to the store. Our daughter wearing gloves ten sizes to big with a smile to match. Helping him build a chicken coup or random other projects. I miss that!

He loved to stay up late reading books in bed, I would cuddle up next to him (warm my cold feet/toes on him) and fall asleep in seconds. Breathing in his scent, filled with peace, contentment, and love! I miss that!

The little moments, the daily moments! Those are the things I miss the most.The moments that we tend to take for granted. I can't wait for this deployment to be over so I can go back to complaining about his hair covering the bathroom sink or PT clothes sticking up my laundry room. :)

There are days, times the longing for him, my love and best friend seems all consuming. Missing my husband today and honestly everyday!

Are there certain things you miss the most when you spouse is away.


  1. I miss seeing my husband's smile and feeling his hand on mine! Also, his clueless expression everything I explain something to him that he doesn't how it's important to moisturize to alleviate dry skin. :-)

    1. lol, I love it. I have had a few moments like that with my husband as well. :)

  2. I understand. I miss being with my husband. In the evenings we'd always watch shows together. So they can be somewhat lonely now.

    1. That seems to be the hardest time for me as well. The too quite evenings after the kids are in bed is how this blog was born. :) The art of distraction mixed with a wonderful outlet!