Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No soliciting, on second thought! Come on in, I'll let you clean my house!

How many of you have been hit up by the Kirby sales people?

They have come to my door so many times. I normally turn them away, today I decided the best way to get rid of them is to hear there speal besides my carpets did need vacuumed and I didn't want to do it!! lol

Within the first few minutes, I realize the sales lady is new and she realizes I am not going to spend the money on Kirby. No matter how cool it is! So, she gets real with me. She tells me, sure I make more money if you buy one but I don't make any if I don't show it. As long as you let me finish the whole demonstration I get paid.

I get paid you get your house cleaned a bit for you. Its a win win! I happen to agree! I did however wonder when her pressure sales would start but was willing to risk it for some free maid service.

I in some areas listen to her speal in some area's I just pretend to listen. She goes about vacuuming all the carpet in my house showing me along the way how much it is picking up.. I say yes ma'am that is cool. [In my mind I think}I'm standing here drinking coffee and playing with the kids watching you work. Yep, it is amazing! 

She continues her little demo, cleaning a couple vents I can't reach without a ladder. Cleaning the ceiling fan, Vacuuming the spare bed. Puts some bubble carpet cleaner out in my daughers room. the kids love it since its safe to put there hands in. They are rubbing it around and laughing. I'm smiling, she vacuumed all the hardwood and then finishes off by carpet cleaning the large area rug in the living room. I ohhh and ahhh all along the way. Smiling with the satisfaction of a job well done. {that I did not have to do} Yeah, this Kirby is soooo amazing! Oh, can you get that vent over there??

To my surprise she never did the whole pressure sales thing. Instead she tells me next time one of our people knock on your door. Have them shampoo a different carpet and clean a different bed. She gives me tips to maximize the usefulness of the Kirby sales people. She reminds we make money just by showing it so take advantage. I am impressed with her honesty and lack of pressure sales. If I ever were to buy a Kirby I would look her up.

 Her boss shows up and tries the whole pressure sales bit, but it is only a 5 minute thing and he is back to asking if she showed me everything and did her job correctly. I rave about how great she did and how wonderful the Kirby is but I just can't do it ... right now of course. :)

Maybe I'll change my mind next time you show it to me and clean the carpets in the master bedroom or the time after that when you do my son's room or ... 

Would you like to buy a Kirby? No, but I'll be happy to let you clean my house!

The next time a Kirby sales person knocks on your door, consider letting them in. Sure it will take them a couple hours to leave, sure they will try to convince you to buy. But, at the end of it all when you wish them a wonderful day. They got paid, you got a free maid service.

Sounds like a good deal to me. I could always use the excuse. I was just being a good person, looking out for her right. I wanted to make sure she got paid this week. My house being cleaner is just a byproduct of my goodwill!


  1. SMH.... You totally did that.... Well, hell, send the down to my place next!!! :)

  2. I will trying to use these info for cleaning carpet...