Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What do you see??

Photo from: wikimedia.org
 My daughter and I were both shown this photo recently and asked, "What do you see?"

Two people can look at this and see two different objects, or maybe they see the same thing and the second image is missed altogether. My daughter and I both found the duck first and it actually took someone saying to look for a bunny for us to find the second image.


There are many of these "Illusion" photos out there. 
Try this next one! What do you see?

Photo from: worldtruth.com
I found the woman walking first and the face second. Sometimes, I wonder when looking at these pictures if I had not known there was a second image if I would have noticed them both.

These drawings are not only fun but a great reminder!  When my daughter and I looked at the images we did not always see the same picture. Then it took communication to get both of us to understand what the other was seeing or thinking.

Maybe you and your spouse look at the photo below and one of you swears the photo is of a frog and the other says no its a horse. Neither person is wrong they are just seeing things from different perspectives. 

Photo from: chunkingup.blogspot.com

How often in families, at work, or in life is that the case?

Two people looking at a problem or situation differently. It is not always easy to slow down and remind yourself to actually listen to the other person. Try to find out what they are seeing.

I challenge you as you go through the rest of this week or month. 
The next time a problem arises,

Slow down and metaphorically draw a picture of what you are seeing for the person you are disagreeing with. Then ask them to do the same for you. You will be amazed at how frequently our problems come from seeing the same picture differently.
 Just because you are right does not necessarily mean the other person is wrong.

One last fun/silly image to close this blog! lol

Photo from: brainden.com

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