Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last months carnival ride!

I had been told once that life was like a carnival ride with lots of highs and lows. That it was up to me to enjoy the ride.This last month as been a ride to say the least! This next month is going to be just as amusing!

High points!

My trip home was not as bad as I expected with the two kids and long flights but had its moments.
~The TSA check point. We must test your bottle of formula. My thoughts- OK if you insist but honestly All you have to do to test it is smell it! It has a very distinct nasty smell.. :)
~We must examine your bag, your e-cigarette looks like bullets. I might not be a terrorist but I could see how they would not want a frantic, tired mother of two caring bullets on a plane either! I mean really I might start throwing them at people. Watch out scary mom tossing bullets! :)

Being home started out with a bang! We had my husbands aunt take a tumble down the concrete steps and one of my mom's cats whom I lovingly refer to as "hiss and piss" OK so maybe lovingly is not exactly true. That cat, you will turn a corner and suddenly it will be there and start hissing at you like its about to go into attack mode. Then it decided to crawl into my suitcase and take a piss! Yeah, hiss and piss and I do not exactly get along. By the end of my visit I could not help but wonder if what they say about Chinese restaurants is true and if I donated hiss and piss if they would make a tantalizing dish out of it. Thankfully the cat is more hiss then attack and never actually got the kids or I so we never found out! {Side note if you wash cat pissed clothing right away with white vinegar it will remove the smell.}This fact also saved hiss and piss's life! lol :) Too bad I did not take my anti-cat protector with me! :)

The kids had a great time, lots of attention, love and excitement to be had. There were a lot of no no no don't touch that with all the little nicknacks around. I don't feel as if much of any one day was spent truly sitting down.. oh run before the baby breaks that. :) In the beginning there was the me begging to the stars that the kids would adjust to the time change quickly. Both kids put the: there is to much excitement for sleep theory to the test. After an adequate fit to display there lack of desire or need for sleep either saying or crying I'm not tired... a bit later Zzzzz is all you would hear from them. lol

I could regail a lot about my month back home. Many highs and some lows. In all what I have to say about my trip is family is your best friend and your worst enemy. They will be there to pick you up and help you out and try to love the troubles away. They will also be there to kick you in the butt when you do wrong or when they "think" you are doing wrong. Family and all the dynamics that come with it are a complicate thing. My mother in-law told me once family is like fish after having it in the house for too many days its starts to stink. :)

Being back home has been its own kind of ride! Getting the kids and I all settled in and preparing for my husbands R&R! Some days my energy does not match my desires! :) I did make my husband roll laughing this week. Two burners on the stove top tried to catch on fire the first time I used it after returning and two burners were not working at all. I replaced the drip pans and did some other things to fix the problem. But as I am telling my husband on skype about fixing the stove. I have no clue what the pieces are actually called so I am calling them the swirly piece and the pan thingy and the the whatchamacallit. He is dying as I explain exactly what I did to fix the stove.

My response is well! If anyone out there has a swirly thing that needs fixed I might not know what its called but I can fix it! Oh, and I can replace the fuses on the lawnmower they plug into the "thingy" under the battery and put standy bar things on bikes and ... lol Ok, so maybe some day I'll take the time to learn the names to the things I fix but for now I'll just be proud that I have done it on my own!

I hope all your swirly things are working and you have a fun and happy day! :)

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