Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tissues, beer and a camera! Your set, Come on in!

Pull up a chair and enjoy the show! My deployment life should be a reality TV show. I mean really I have Romance, comedy, drama and all the good stuff!

Honestly who would not enjoy watching a grown woman jump and squeal like a school girl because a snake decided to move into her shrubs! The same ones she was kneeling next to. Or please come back later and watch this woman basically do the funky chicken dance on her front porch because a spider jumped on her. Lets be real, the funky chicken is scary to watch. Oh, that gives me an idea they should have a horror movie where the victim starts doing the funky chicken. That would surly chase any bad guy away. The spider must agree with me because it jumped down immediately and started looking for shelter.

Romance, ah now that one is easy. My husband hiding a necklace and a love letter before he deployed in our house and telling me where to find it on Christmas. The thoughtfulness and love he put into that helped carry me through some of the bad deployment moments.

My favorite romantic moment is him coming home for R&R. I can tell you the first moment of being wrapped in each others arms after eight and a half months is hard to top. There are no Movies that can depict the feelings or words to truly describe that moment and all the emotions that hit you. Trying to fit a years worth of affection and love into two weeks is hard to do but my husband did an amazing job trying. A fun, funny romantic moment walking back to the hotel after one too many drinks one night. I decided my shoes had to go, so I kicked them off and continued walking. I seem to have a habit of loosing my shoes while drinking. I might have to evaluate this fact someday. :) My wonderful husband spent the rest of the walk trying to convince me that he needed to carry me to protect my feet. It was a very entertaining walk filled with joking, smiles and "mock" arguing. The love, desire to help and protect me came through very clearly in our silly walk and jokes. That walk is something I will never forget. Sometimes the little things mean more then they seem at first glance. :)

Oh, you want cute. How about both kids "helping" me wash the front of the house and porch. All of us in swim wear with a hose and bubbles flying all over the place. I don't know but I think my little family ended up cleaner then the house did. I believe we had an instant replay of this while washing the cars as well.

Humor, well my favorite moment from R&R is drinking beer on the back porch with my husband. Him and I both sitting in folding lawn chairs. When his decides to break, landing him with his bottom on the ground and his feet hanging over the bars of the chair.

Cute is watching a toddler who's dad has been away for more then half his life. Immediately reach for his daddy upon his return. Cute is watching a 7 year old play in the ocean with her daddy and thinking he is king of the world. 

Heartbreaking is listening to that 7 year old ask her daddy to stay and not go back on deployment. Heartbreaking is listening to him explain that he wishes with all his heart that he could but that he can't. Heartbreaking is watching her trying to understand.

Heartbreaking is me taking him to the airport and when it was time to say good-bye. Basically making a mad dash to the car before I started begging him to stay. Voicing that longing that thought would only make it harder on both of us. Logic tells you he has to go but the heart dose not always understand.

So grab a beer and seat. I have the tissues handy and my camera as well. You don't want to miss getting a snap shot of all this action. You never know when I bust out with the funky chicken or someone will fall on there bum.

Side note: Don't make the mistake of living behind a camera. Deployment and R&R has reminded me how quickly moments pass and how valuable each moment really is. You can share a photo and in that way share a memory or be reminded of times past but you can not share the real experience by a  photo alone! When my husband first left I kept thinking if I took enough photos and sent them to him. Maybe he would not feel like he missed as much. The truth is, the photos are nice and he appreciates them but they can not replace being there. The next time you attend a special event, take a picture or two but then put down the camera and just enjoy the experience.

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