Thursday, October 10, 2013

Deployment, sometimes you have just three choices; Sink, Swim or Tread!

Deployments stories might be funny in retrospect but sometimes when the metaphorical shit hits the fan. You are left thinking someone please pass me a life line, toss me a life saver ring, something. Oh, can I buy a vowel? Phone a friend??

The truth is even if you can phone a friend. There are sometimes in life you just have to keep from drowning. Treading the water until you can swim again.

My husband came home for R&R, life was great. Better then great. Even when he left I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle the last few months of this deployment. All down hill from here I thought, me and my foolish mind. Shortly after my husband left Mr. Murphy did not just stop by for a visit he moved in. Let me break it down for you.

-Daughter breaks ankle
- Daughter has emotional and behavioral issues
-Septic system needs repaired
-Car decides it does not want to start anymore
-Grandfather hospitalized in ICU for internal bleeding
-Hired an Electrician, his assistant steals husbands tool
-Deal with theft, police reports and getting tool back
-Son falls, needs ER trip to get glued
-Son gets MRSA

This is just the "highlights" the big things, my daughter still needed help with homework, chores still need done meals need to be made excreta excreta. It seemed just as I would start to get one problem under control another one or two would pop up. It was like playing that whack a mole game. I got it, I got, shit there is another! :)

One day along this path, with the looming uncertainty about getting paid due to the shut down. There was not a bill in place at the time. My husband e-mailing me about the theft and his desires on how to handle it. Sleep deprivation had become the norm. Then my monthly cycle chose to show up early (Yay,  lets add some extra hormones into the mix) ... I suddenly hit rock bottom, I was drowning, I could not catch my breath. 

I took the kids to the kid sitters, e-mailed my husband telling him not to e-mail me anything stressful for at least 2 hours. In the middle of a storm of troubles, my life a crazy mess. I went and got a pedicure. Best thing I could have done. No, it did not fix my problems and yes I was still stressed and a bit overwhelmed when I got home but, I had just enough time to catch my breath.

I was able to tread water until the storm of troubles slowed down. In the last few days things have slowed down, all of those big troubles are coming to and end or have been resolved. I have been able to get some sleep and feel like I am again able to breath and swim.

Maybe in six months I'll look back at this time and be able to laugh at my excellent Whack A Mole skills or my sons first black eye. But, for now I want to share the fact that sometimes all you can do is tread water until the storm passes!

Don't forget to stop and get a pedicure when you feel like you are about to drown. :)

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