Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love with a slice of humble pie!

I have spent the last couple of weeks visiting my husbands family in Washington state. It has been a wonderful, educational and humbling experience.

This trip has taught me that I hate Nik-Nak's, why on earth do mother's, and grandmothers have so many of these beautiful little things all over there houses! :) My kids see these wonderful little fradgil things as the most attractive toy in the world. I swear they are like cat nip to cats or chocolate to a woman, irresistible. :) When I mentioned to my mother-in-law that I have decided I never ever wanted any. She kindly pointed out that some of these little things were family heirlooms and some had real value and would be passed down to me in years to come... ugh, thats how we end up with these things. They get passed down and we as women are too sentimental to let them go.. lol

Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. My brother-in-law who's girlfriend is in town has on several occasions made time to help me. From playing with the boy in the yard to cooking my pizza while I chased the boy. Him helping me while his girlfriend is here is comparable to me helping someone out when Pete gets home for R&R. It's not that I would not want to help someone out but it would detract from my time with my special someone, it would be a tough sell. In short his help was unexpected and very appreciated because I realize what he was giving up to help me. A half hour or 15 minutes of most peoples time is nothing but when you weight that against the situation it means the world. I am still not sure if I would do what he has for me, humbling to be around such a kind and generous person.

My most humbling moment actually came from Grandma or Great Grandma for my son.  My son and I visited her and Grandpa at her house and had dinner with them. Anyone with a toddler knows sitting down to a meal is a joke. you are up and down every few minutes to attend to one problem or another. About half way through dinner my son falls, a big off the back of a chair into a toy fall and bites his tongue yada yada. My meal is over, I am now stopping bleeding and loving a baby. I think during the whole visit I might have actually sat down for 10 minutes at one time. This is pretty normal for me now days so I did not think much of it.

After all is said and done I head off to my temporary home (Grandpa's property), a few minutes after I get there. The phone rings, its Grandma. She says we just wanted to make sure you got home OK and let you know grandpa and I are concerned about you. Your husband is deployed, the baby is so busy, your running all the time and you were barley able to eat enough to keep a toddler alive. What can we do to help?  I am suddenly humbled beyond words! Grandpa is 90 and Grandma is just a bit younger. Grandma was about to start another round of radiation the very next day for cancer so her plate is full but here she is concerned about me and offering help.

These family member's just severed me heaping portions of love with a sides of humble pie! These family members on the (in-law) side with there plates already full offering kindness, support, help and love is more then I expected. It makes me evaluate myself and want to be a better person to deserve such treatment. It also makes me want to hand out a few servings of love myself!

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