Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Proud of my family & Proud to be a SAHM

Today I am filled with pride for many reasons. This is the last week of first grade for my daughter. Her class did an end of the year project where they write about each other. Some of the things they write are just silly and you can tell they are just doing an assignment. Like saying her favorite color and things like that. Other things you can tell are actually thoughtful and heartfelt.

A few girls called her their BFF and totally cool. I didn't realize first grades knew the BFF abbreviation so it made me smile. I was amazed by how many of the kids mentioned how smart she was. There were so many that mentioned that she reads the "hard books" and is good at math. My favorite line was from one of the boys that said she is really helpful when she is not talking. I could not help but roll laughing, my little girl is a chatterbox. She has done a wonderful job this year in school. She is academically ahead, her classmates say she is nice and helpful. As I read the kids words, I felt pride for my little girl! Somewhere in there I realized the positive things being said about her, all the pride I have in her. Well I own a small piece of that pride as well.

I am not trying to diminish from her accomplishments. What I am doing is looking at this beautiful little girl and remembering she is growing and exceeding in life at least in part because of me!

Recently my husband received a Commendation Medal, I was so proud of him. He put in a lot of hard work at that unit. He deserves that medal and so much more for all the hard work and sacrifice he has made over the last 10 years.

There have been times I have wondered if I give enough to my family. If I should go back to school or work. If I should be doing something more something different then what I have been.

Its easy to look at a stay home mother and wonder what they do and how much importance that role really has.  I am sure we have all been part of the debate. To work or not to work and which mother has it the hardest and .... These topics have been and will be hot topics for a long time. Someday, I do want to go back to work. Sometimes I miss working in an office and helping people. I think I mostly miss adult conversation. lol

Sometimes being a stay at home wife/mother feels like a thankless job or even not as important as what my spouse does or what working moms do.

But then there are days like today. When I hear positive feed back about my daughter and I know. I am a big part of that. I can look at my son and see him growing and developing and know I am molding that. I can think of my husband and know I am supporting his career. I am doing my part to keep the household together while he does what he has to do. He can do his job and not worry about the children or the house because he can trust that I will take care of it.

I am the foundation of this house, I am the soil, water and sunlight that help those little flowers grow and bloom. A house without a foundation would collapse, flowers without nurturing will not grow, bloom or reach their full potential.

Today I am proud. Proud of my children, my husband and another year of accomplishments. Today I am proud to be a "Stay at Home Mom and Wife."  I am fulfilled by remembering just how important this "job" is. Sure someday I will return to the work force but for now my job is at home. I don't think any career or job in the world could make me as proud or feel as accomplished as watching my family succeed and knowing I supported them and helped them to get there.

For all the mommies and wives out there, we may not receive medals and our children may not thank us for teaching them to read or keeping a clean house or .... but our jobs, no matter how little they sometimes get acknowledged, are the cornerstone of the family. Our jobs are important and remember to take pride in each and every accomplishment your family has. We can't take credit for the things they accomplish but we can be proud of the things we do to help them get there.

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  1. Tears to my eyes... Here Here Crystal!